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Landscape Design & Build Services

With 30 years experience in the landscape industry, Red Cedar’s team has the knowledge and ability to design and build custom landscape environments that reflect the styles of today’s individual homeowner.:

Low Maintenance, All Year Color, Reasonably Price

The most important part of any project is the master plan. This communicates the vision of finished and matured site. Many people always are looking for low maintenance, color all year round and at a reasonable price. This is where you need a college trained, professional landscape designer who has faced many site challenges. This experience, along with being a good listener to the client’s needs starts the process of coming together on a plan that guides the installation of the many landscape elements.

Years of Enjoyment to the Outdoor Enthusiast

After the plan, our highly skilled masons, horticulturists, quality materials and modern equipment are organized and scheduled. The process of installing is orchestrated and delivered in a timely manner. The transformation is one that brings years of enjoyment to the outdoor enthusiast.

After 30 years of experience, Red Cedar continues to serve the following cities:

New York: